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About Wicked America, Trotsky And Price For Gasoline.


I had no intention at all to write about it in my live journal, travelling through California and quenching my nostalgia for the past (it is a topic of a separate post); but after I watched News on NTV a day or two ago (thanks to Internet – you type in the address line and there you are!) which I regret now!, I recollected the American movie in which the hero (if I am not mistaken, Leslie Nielsen was starring there) addressed passengers of the crippled aircraft close to wrap up: he said that “everything is in order, ladies and gentlemen”, that “you may be absolutely calm”, etc. etc.  And as he keeps going with this “fairy tale” (and in simple terms – lies impudently), his nose grows longer and longer…

In a similar way, our star of show business and politics Ms. Zakharova, looking into the camera with her honest eyes, spoke about how "Russia in due time transferred funds for the building of the closed Russian Consulate (in Seattle), that the building is the Russian property, that the search of the building conducted by Americans, is an outrageous violation of international law" etc.
I must tell you that if I doubted even for a second that Zakharova knew quite well what was the real truth, I would not write about it.  But I have no doubts that she purposefully misleads millions of Russians (via media, including social networks media) – as the famous Russian expression goes – “throws the bull as Trotsky” (or Goebbels, not critical).  The key to the solution of “consular riddle” lies exactly in the status of the building:  the whole point is that during the search the building did not have a diplomatic status (and consequently, did not have an ex-territorial status)! – do you hear?! – DID NOT HAVE!!!  Hence, any references to clauses of Vienna Convention, related to objects having diplomatic status, etc. (references made also by “comrade” Veselovsky, NTV correspondent in the USA; by the way, what is excusably to a journalist, is not excusably to an official representative of the Foreign Office) – are groundless ABSOLUTELY!   No one impinges on Russian property; but now that this property does NOT have a diplomatic status, it is a subject to the same American laws as any other property on US soil, i.e.: if authorities suspect that some illegal activity takes place in/on a property (e.g. spying activity), then bodies of executive power obtain a search warrant from bodies of judicial power (in more simple terms, in this particular case, FBI representatives obtain the search warrant from a judge; and importantly, such a request would be met only if there are serious reasons for it; otherwise a judge would just not sign such a warrant – judicial power in the USA (in contrast to many other countries) is independent from executive power, that is why the judge would not be concerned of any possible trouble resulting from his decision.  This is it, what else is here to discussWhat state level brigandageare you talking about?!                    
I would like to make an important side note here: in this article I am NOT talking about whether the decision to close the Russian Consulate was just or INjust: it is NOT about whether Russian citizens meddled with the US electoral process or not; it is NOT about what part of Syrian population supports Assad (which are normal population for Russia, and for the US - supporters of blood regime), and which part of the population are against Assad (which are terrorists for Russia, and for the US – fighters with the hateful regime); it is NOT about who used chemical weapons in Syria and the UK, and who did not…. etc., etc. (those are separate serious topics).
It is about this:  in any pitch it is unacceptable to lie so bluntly and impudently – do you really think that ALL the people would not be able to figure out what is truth and what is lie?!  In contrast to the times of “iron curtain”, today people can obtain information from different sources and make own conclusions.  And, most importantly, WHY do you lie?!  It does not change the essence of the matter.  Perhaps, the reason is to strengthen the image of enemy in people’s minds?  So that they would think more about wicked America and not ask unnecessary questions?  Such questions as this one, for example: why is the price for gas in one of the most oil-producing countries of the world – circa 65 US cents per liter – is comparable on average to the price for gas in the USA (where the job pay of $10 an hour is almost poverty), and not the one it should be in such a country as ours – max 10 US cents per liter.  And such questions are many; but no, let them better think about America, Russian TV would keep talking about it from morning till night, no own problems at all…        

As Zhvanetsky used to say, “Thanks for listening, at the table now!”

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